Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flipper's Mentor Homophobe Packer Gives "The Little Factory" Speech

To understand the following humor, Boyd Homophobe Packer (above) was infamous for this "Little Factory" to the young Mormon boys.  (Makes his sound like a Catholic priest).  The talk centered on not masturbating, that when "the little factory" gets full, it knows how to discharge itself during the night.  So now that you know that the "little factory" is Boyd's name apparently for his pecker - little fellow - have a moment of light fun:

This opening humor brought to you by:

The day I almost died in sacrament meeting

02/26/2003 - by theAntiSprite

It was the week AFTER I got that pamphlet. My best friend (also a deacon) and I were sitting in church minding our own business playing testimony bingo like ALL good little deacons should.....when it happened: One of the nicest, kindest, most loved gentlemen in the ward got up to bear his testimony.

He started talking about the XXXX factory that he worked at in town. My friend (Satan, as my mom later referred to him) leaned over and whispered " I wonder if he works at 'the factory' that we read about in the pamphlet last week."

Of course we giggled like silly til snot ran out of our noses and mom gave us that, "I'll knock you into the middle of outer darkness" looks.

But, then he mentioned a few remarks that made things even worse. Like, "the factory has grown to an unbelievable size", and "his wife thinks he spends too much time at the factory"... but, we were ushered out when he mentioned the "explosion at the factory that took a week to clean up."


The full text of The Little Factory talk is widely available online, just google Boyd Packer Little Factory and it should pop right up, it is a little too long to post without risking a copyright violation notice.
To Young Men OnlybyBoyd K. PackerGeneral Conference Priesthood Session, October 2, 1976

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