Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Better To Die Than To Be Raped And Lose Your Virginity?

Where are women's rights in the United States going to go back to if a Mormon President takes the Oval Office?

A Mormon policy that Mitty boy grew up with, his Daddy enforced as a Stake President, and then Mitty boy himself as Bishop and Stake President supported, following the Mormon Party Line is:

"It is better to die in defending one's virtue than to lose it without a struggle."  Mormon Prophet Spencer Kimball (1895 - 1985).

Women's rights - this is saying that if you are a woman, and you are raped, and if you lose your virginity - the Mormon Prophet said it would have been better for you to die."

I can't believe that a church is advocating a woman fight to the death in an attempted rape, to save her virginity at all cost; or when she came back to the church she would be treated like she was wearing a Scarlet Letter A.

Get real.  This is a CULT.  As a cult, believe what you want.  But as a Presidential candidate for the United States, we don't want a cult leader.

We might as well elect Warren Jeffs, I hear that he is available, but he isn't taking calls right now.  (Yes, I know, a break-away sect, but the use your miracle Book of Mormon to talk to God.)

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