Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How Did Romney React To Boycotts Against Racism At BYU

Mormon Mitt Romney, is a racist, that is a known factor.  But in the linked Washington Post article there is a section that details Mitt's behavior towards boycotts of BYU athletics.

While Mormon Romney was attending a university named after a bigot, Bigot Brigham Young University, Mormon Romney was president of the all-white Cougar Club.

During the Civil Rights movements, certain colleges were protesting against Bigot Young because it's athletics departments were not inclusive.

The Cougar Club, unlike the Mormon Cult, was not a church position, so that Mormon Romney could have supported the efforts of other collegiates to boycott playing BYU teams.

What did Romney DO?  He raised money to fight those who wanted to darken the white student body of Bigot Young University.

Excerpt from article:

In October of that year, 14 black players lost their places on the University of Wyoming’s powerhouse football team for planning to wear black armbands in protest of the ban during their game against BYU. Stanford University, which Romney had previously attended, took the opposite stance, announcing at the end of 1969 that it would boycott athletic competitions with the church-owned university.

“I do remember Mitt being really angry with Stanford,” said Kim Cameron, a friend at the time. “He felt like it was, A, naive, and, B, sort of a bigoted, narrow-minded perspective.”
Do we want a bigot in the White House?
Do we want a Temple-Mormon as President who takes the names of the Jewish dead victims of the Holocaust and turns them into Mormons in secret Mormon Temple ceremony?  Desecrating the names of these dead Jewish victims, in a way no different than the Mormons just spray painting swastikas on the Jewish Headstones.
Mormon Discrimination of Blacks Explained By BYU Professor

Daniel Pearl - Jewish - Baptised Mormon by ROMNEY's Mafia

Jewish Slain Wall Street Journal Reporter, Daniel Pearl Baptized by Romney's MORMONS

Romney's Mormons are still at it, Mormons just do not understand that by baptising Jewish ancestors of the Holocaust, other Jews, Catholic Popes & Saints, all they are really doing is desecrating the graves of these individuals.

It would be easier for Romney's Mormons to just paint swastikas on the graves of the Jews that Romney's Mormons hate so much.

Wash Post: Romney's Acceptance Speech - HILARIOUS & Accurate

Read this opinion in the Washington Post.

It is accurate - Mormon Romney accepting the Republican Party's nomination for President:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mormons Paint SWASTIKA On Anne Frank's Grave

Read the comment section to the USA Today article and see that Mormons find no offense to having Anne Frank's name, and hundreds of other Jewish Holocaust Victims baptised in the Mormon Temples into the Mormon faith.

The attitude can be smelled from the Mormons commenting on it's "no big deal," "she has the ability to say 'no'" in the afterlife.

These are the attitudes why Mormons are not qualified for public office.  Their religion is a cult that seriously embarrasses Jewish religious people, and people of many other faiths.

MORMONS fail to understand that by baptizing Anne Frank MORMON in the MORMON temple, MORMONs are essentially painting a NAZI SWASTIKA on every Jewish grave.

Read the reader comments on baptising Anne Frank

Mormonism Is An Optical Illusion - Good & Evil - but works of the Devil

From The Salt Lake Tribute article:

LDS scholar Richard Bushman, author of the critically acclaimed biography Joseph Smith: Rough Stone Rolling, has become a kind of historical therapist, he wrote in an email from his home in New York, “counseling with distraught wives and parents or disaffected Mormons themselves.”

For those who discover unwelcome information about the church’s history online, Bushman said, “the whole picture changes in a flash — like those optical illusions that show a beautiful woman and a hag.”

Mormons Having To Face Tough Questions

Monday, February 27, 2012

A "Rich Friend" of Romney's Leaves 1% Tip To Working Waitress

A Romney 1% Insults Waitress with 1% Tip of $1.33

Maybe it is time to run the 1% out of town, and out of the country.

Now the 1% snobs are insulting working class folks.

Does he realize that the laws supported by 1% restaurant owners allows those receiving tips to work for less than minimum wage.

So if the 1% can break laws, and be snobby, what should the 99% do?

First - Don't vote for snobby Mormon Mitty Romney.  This 1% is a rich buddy made makes them peers.

Their attitudes for the poor are identical.

Vote against rich snobs - vote against Romney.

His money is off-shore in protected foreign accounts anyways.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Romney's Sons Refuse Military Service In A War Against Iran

Are any of Mormon Romney's sons serving in the U.S. military in the last ten years of war that was initiated by a Republican President?

Are any of Mormon Romney's sons going to enlist in the U.S. military to support their Daddy's desire to invade Iran?

For a Draft-dodger, who supported the Vietnam-war, but was too afraid to serve in Army green, wore Mormon "yellow" white-shirted Missionary coward for 30 months, then added college deferments, makes the entire Romney clan COWARDS.

Romney when asked in his previous campaign said his sons are serving the country, but serving his campaign.  NOTE:  None of the Romney Coward Boys have since enlisted since the 2008 campaign, and the war is still ongoing.  Guess like-Father, like-Son, knocking on doors are safer for cowards, then going to fight a war propigated in the first place by faulty Republican intelligence, and mystic unicorns.

Romney Defends His Sons Cowardice In War

Romney and his cowardly boys are sittting to make millions in profits by invading Iran.

Why should a Romney die in battle, when Romney's make money sending the poor inner city youths to war instead.

Mormon morality.

How disgraceful.

Money and profits are the only things a Romney understands.

The rest of America calls this Mormon cowardice.

Mormons Don't Serve In War - Romney Philosophy

Monday, February 20, 2012

Was 9/11 the Modern Mormon Mountain Meadows?

Just how involved were Mormons in training the terrorists that attacked the United States on 9/11?

Was this attacked planned at a secret level of Mormon leadership to get the United States in a fight against Muslims, to ultimately place a Mormon President in the Oval Office?

Would the radical Mormons plan an attack, or allow an attack, on an American city in order to get an invasion by the United States into a non-Christian nation(s) opening up avenues for missionaries to follow through with their mystical Book of Mormon?  (Seems funny that only "at least 5 Mormons) died on the Sept 11, 2001 attacks - guess those five didn't get the memo to stay home that day.

But only one Mormon died in the Towers, two in the Pentagon, and three were on various flights.

Does that number seem a little low to you?

Only Five Mormons Died on 9/11

So did God keep his "chosen people" out of the Towers that day?  Or did a message passed throughout the Mormon congregations to stay home, pray, contemplate, fornicate with your neighbor, just don't go to New York - not today?

The low number of Mormon deaths is an indicator.  There will be NO record of Mormons telling their people to stay home, plausible deniability, but the low number of deaths in the Twin Towers?

Where were the Mormons that day?  There wasn't just one working in the Twin Towers, just one didn't get the memo.

Good going Mitt.  You would have your Mormons coordinate an attack on our country in order to further your religious zeal.  Was one Book of Mormon in Baghdad worth even one American life?  Was one Book of Mormon in Afghanistan worth just one American life?

Cults have bad, misplaced priorities.  I keep saying, just because Mormons aren't dancing on street corners selling flowers and books - doesn't mean Mormons aren't cultists.  Wolves in sheep clothing?

Mormon Bishop Trains 2 of 4 9/11 Terrorist Pilots

Mormon Bishop Hillard - Suspected Ties To Money Laundering For Mob

Mormon Prophet Predicts The Destruction of New York City

Why do you think that Mormon millionaires and Mormon billionaires are trying so hard to install a Mormon Monarch in the Oval Office by buying the Presidency?

Knowing the Mormons are capable of flying a white flag, ride into a group of settlers and offers safe passage, and lead them out to be executed at Mountain Meadows; is is possible that collapsing the Twin Towers is not beyond the planning of a Mormon Prophet with the long term goal turning the United States into a Mormon Theocracy, and to then use the U.S. military to advance the Book of Mormon?

Romney and his millions, his friends millions - go by another country.  You Mormon cultists won't take the United States easily.

Mountain Meadows Massacre - Mormons For What They Are

Mormon Terrorist John D Lee

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dave Logan of CBS details the difficulties that Flipper is having reversing on topics.

We have all seen the Mormon Romney's ability to morph his talk before any audience to shovel out the manure that the audience wants to hear.

Mormon Romney isn't quite as bad as Newt in promising billions to build a Lunar base station on the Moon to all the unemployed rocket scientists in Florida, but Mormon Romney still morphs.

Despite Win, Mitt Romney Still Has A Leadership Problem

Romney's Mormonism Smells of Corruptions & Bullying

Everyone of us are known by the company that we keep.

Now Mormon Romney wants us to believe that he is a squeaky clean politician, out to save America from it's economic ruin.

But his campaign's national finance co-chairs are two men of questionable morals.

A Detroit (the city itself suggests corruption) co-chair is a person of interest in an FBI bribery investigation:

Meet Mormon Skunk John Rakolta

An Idaho Billionaire who is co-chair, who uses his billionaires to threaten and/or file frivolous lawsuits to shut down negative information on him and his multi-marketing (smells like ponzi) companies.

Meet Mormon, alledgely a "Ponzi Master" Frank Vandersloot

Typically people who finance millions into PACs and donate time to campaigns will get rewarded with government positions in the Cabinet, federal administrative posts that are political appointees, and judgeships even.

So are these two individuals, who are shady, who have questionable business dealings, the type of people that we want in a Mormon Oval Office?

Oh, Vandersloot is a billionaire Mormon cultist - not all cults dance in orange outfits selling flowers and books on street corners.

And John Rakolta, also a prominent Mormon in the Detroit area.

Are we starting to see a MORMON MAFIA in the making here?

If you aren't Mormon, watch out, the cult is on a strategic campaign to purchase our American Oval Office.
 Excerpt from Freedom Defense Advocates:

Romney’s penchant for lying -- or to be more charitable, his willingness to say what he thinks the crowd wants to hear -- is reflective of a deep character flaw. As Mike Huckabee asked, “If you aren't being honest in obtaining the job, can we trust you if you get the job?"

There is an incredible danger electing a man who belongs to a cult . . . because one hallmark of a cult is secrecy. Romney’s refusal to be upfront with the tenets of Mormonism is characteristic of the cult’s teachings. Since its inception its leaders have plunged headlong into pulling the wool over people’s eyes.

The American people must not be fooled by Romney’s slick campaign of smoke and mirrors. He is not a Christian. He is not pro-life. He is not a conservative.

The full article is available here:

This article covers some of the good variety of lies used constantly by Mormon Romney.

I bring you these articles to show you that it just isn't me that sees the devil in Mormon Romney.

Romney Uses Threats Of Lawsuit To Erase Arrest

Romney Threaten Lawsuit To Make Arrest Be Erased

I am not comfortable with some rich brat when he gets caught doing the nasty, buys his way out of the court system.

As in interesting note of his character, Romney portrays a squeaky clean, missionary-only sex, but only to procreate, persona, but when he was the Flagship Mormon Conqueror of the Salt Lake Olympics, Romney used profanity to address our First Responders who were handling a traffic backup.

From Nixon this is expected, but from squeaky clean Mormon Romney?  What is this devil's true self?  Does Mormon Romney know his true self.

Kind of expect to see some sexting pic of Mr Romney any day now slapping the back end of Mrs. Romney while pulling back on her hair and doing her from behind.  Actually wonder if the Utah Prophet is holding the camera and then jumping in for a Mormon-approved threesome.  AND you thought those polygamists ONLY slept with ONE woman at a time.  YEAH, Right.

CORRECTION:  Republican Governor who are millionaires don't do non-Mormon sex with their wives; they hire thousand-dollar and hour call girls that would have Monson begging to come over for the party.

If some middle class worker did this same thing, using money to squash a case, it would be called bribery.  But when you have tons of money, you can file as many frivoulous lawsuits as you wish.

AND, this is still his current tactic too, one of his billionaire campaign financial wizards is Vandersloot, who likewise uses a rich-boy bully tactic of lawsuits to squash unflatterly things on his companies, his Mormon cult, and Romney.

 Salon writer Greenfield has an excellent article: Billionaire Romney Donor Uses Threats To Silence Critics.  I have referenced this article previously, but if you haven't read it already I reposted it here.

When people spend millions of their own personal funds to attempt to buy a job that only pays in the hundreds of thousands - that person can only recoup his investment, and Mormon Romney IS an INVESTOR, if he gets something monetary out of the Presidency.

Favorable tax laws for his Rich buddies, the same rich buddies responsible for the auto industry collapse, the Wall Street Collapse, the bank failures, high unemployment, out sourcing to foreign countries, low tariffs to bring in "American" products like Apple computers, which are made cheaper in China.

Opps.  Can't rag on China.  The Treasury Dept would be knocking on my door, after all China owns the U.S. gov't.  That is why food is tainted, and we still import.  Lead is found in paint on toys, and we still import.

Dogs don't bite the hands of the man that feeds them.

Or have we just as a Nation prostituted ourselves out, our kids out, our grandkids, great grandkids out to pay for the outrageous National Debt.

How much longer  until we go the way of Greece?  Greece is smaller, but in proportion to debt to GDP, we probably are very, very similar.

Lock the windows; the fired Federal workers will want to jump.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Mormon Prophet - Narcissistic Personality Disorder of Joseph Smith

Is a "religion" based on the rants and ravings of a mentally disturbed man suffering from narcissistic personality disorder legitimate?

In the United States if you want to worship Fire Ants, to quote Obama 2008:  "Yes, You Can."

In the United States if you want to worship alien spaceships following in the tail of comets:  "Yes, You Can."

This is America, our Constitution, more specifically The Bill of Rights, allows for kooks, encourages kooks; but do we as Americans have to give our Oval Office to kooks?  The Constitution says "no," voters in the United States can hold a person's religious beliefs against them.  The government can not mandate a religious requirement for office, but as a voter, voters can veto a kooks "religious" beliefs at the ballot box.

Mormonism was "invented" by a lad, Joe Smith, who more than likely was suffering from a mental illness.  Today we have many psychiatric drugs to treat a variety of mental illnesses, and Joe probably could have been treated while he was still in New York talking to angels about a mystical set of gold plates.

What is the most likely diagnosis?  Narcissistic Personality Disorder seems proper.

What are the symptoms?  From

Symptoms of this disorder include, but are not limited to:
  • Reacts to criticism with anger, shame, or humiliation
  • May take advantage of others to reach his or her own goal
  • Tends to exaggerate their own importance, achievements, and talents
  • Imagines unrealistic fantasies of success, beauty, power, intelligence, or romance
  • Requires constant attention and positive reinforcement from others
  • Easily becomes jealous
  • Lacks empathy and disregards the feelings of others
  • Obsessed with oneself
  • Mainly pursues selfish goals
  • Trouble keeping healthy relationships
  • Is easily hurt and rejected
  • Sets unrealistic goals
  • Wants "the best" of everything
  • Appears as tough-minded or unemotional
Well golly-gee Sgt Carter, that sounds like the Prophet Joe Smith and his Mormonism.

But he also had concurrent symptoms of other illnesses included visual and auditory hallucinations, bizarre delusions and paranoia.

Many people with mental illnesses feel that God is talking to them, in essence, giving them revelations on how to save the world.  Do we gather around the May Pole and dance naked in the Town Square?  No.  Kooks are kooks, and the only thing worst then a kooks off their medications is the slavish followers of kooks.

This is America, the kooks have a right to live, eat, and breath - but we don't have to allow a Kook or his kookism of Mormonism take over the Oval Office.

Come the General Elections we won't necessarily be going to the polls to vote for a candidate.  We will probably be exercising our vote against a candidate instead.  If the ballot comes out to be Romney vs. Obama, with one or two third party wannabees, we need to vote against the Mormon Romney by voting for Obama.

Voting for a third party candidate in a protest vote, or not voting at all, is a vote for Romney.  Americans must go to the polls and cast a vote against Romney by voting for the lesser of two evils.

I know it sucks.  The great United States and we have no one qualified, who wants to run for President.  No credible self-made millionaires the likes of Warren Buffet, Ted Turner or nerdy Bill Gates.  All we get are career politicians who one seek glory, a mental illness in itself.

Beware of Mormons, they are not Christians.  They didn't even accept Christ's baptism by John the Baptist, witness and confirmed by God "this is my son...." The Mormons baptised Jesus Christ into Mormonism.  That seems rather Satanic, not to mention Hitler being a Mormon. 

People with absolutely NO MORAL STANDARDS.  Just because Mormons dress in suits and ties, don't mean they just aren't Moonies or Krishnas dancing on street corners selling the religious rubbish.

Jesus & Mary Magdalene Married by Romney's Mormons

Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene married in Salt Lake City, Utah. Shows that Mormon church does not recognize the baptisms of John the Baptist, showing that Mormons can't be Christians. Christians do not re-baptize Jesus Christ whose baptism was confirmed by both God the Father "this is my son.." and the appearance of the Holy Ghost.

Jesus Christ - name mistyped purposely as Christian to not dra...w attention, was baptized in Salt Lake Temple on Apr 8, 2010 with the inititatory rites conducted that same day. The endowment rites and marriage to Mary Magdalene was performed on Apr 10, 2010. His birth place was listed as Bethlehem, and death at Jerusalem.

Mary Magdalene was submitted on the same date and the baptism, initiatory, and endowment, and marriage were the same dates as Jesus.

When this became public knowledged, and a public embarrassment, the records of Jesus and Mary were "erased" from public view.

Who would baptise Jesus Christ? That takes an incredible amount of gonads, and what church are you baptising Jesus into? and now you married Jesus?

Is this some sort of Dan Brown cult that Romney is playing in?

Mormonism is dangerous. Baptizing Jesus Christ. For heaven's sake, do you have no morals?

Read the full story at:  Jesus Christ Was Married And Sealed To Mary Magdalene

Romney Mistaken On Religious Test For Office

Mormon Mitty Flipper Romney is working hard at spinning the religious test clause inside out.  Let us look at Article VI, Paragraph 3 to the United States Constitution, which reads in part:

" religious test shall ever be required as a qualification for any office or public trust under the United States."

This clause has been interpreted to mean that a candidate for office is "not required to follow any religious belief.

Does the Constitution require voters to FORGET about a candidate's religious affiliation or lack of religious affiliation? 

Or does the Constitution state that the qualification of any office will not have a religious requirement?

The answer is likewise right in the United States Constitution, in two parts.

Article 2, Section II of the Constitution has few requirements: a natural born U.S. citizen, at least 35 years old, and has lived in the United States  as a resident for at least 14 years.

Then we go to the FDR Amendment, as I call it.  A President can serve no more than two years.  However, if he takes over for a President and has served more than two years, he can only be elected to office once.  (In theory, someone could be President for just under ten years).

Did you see a requirement for religious affiliation?

No, not one. 

So what is Mitty boy talking about?

Mitty Flipper Romney knows full well that as a cult member he has an uphill battle to win the Oval Office.  The first battle is to convince people that it is "unconstitutional" to hold his cult against him.

Sorry, but here is the truth: 

Most American voters are uneducated in politics, and believe who ever talks the best crap.  (That's French for shit). 

American voters also have a short-term memory that doesn't remember very well past the last six months.

Finally, most Americans are one issue voters.

The latter item is what Romney wants to control:  The one issue voter. 

If Romney can lay down a smoke screen over his Mormonism, and get American voters to harp on some other single issue, he will spin his campaign to win their votes.  Then blame Congress when he can't fulfill on any promises.

How mad is Flipper? 

During a debate when asked about if a candidate's faith should be a factor for the voters, Romney was smoking from his pointy devil ears:

"That idea that we should choose between people based upon their religion for public office is what I find to be most troubling....the founders of this country went to great lengths to make sure that we would not choose people who represent us in government based upon their religion."  (Sullivan)

But contrast that to the honesty of Rick Perry (and I'm not a Perry fan):

"I can no more remove my faith than I can that I'm the son of a tenant farmer.  The issue, are we going to be individuals who stand by our faith."  (Sullivan)

Romney keeps bringing up the comparison to John F Kennedy and the Catholic-Pope influence.

John F Kennedy, in a 1960 speech before the Houston Ministerial Association said:

"If this election is decided on the basis that forty million Americans lost their chance of being President on the day they were baptized, then it is the whole nation that will be the loser."  (Greenfield)

The Romney Mormons are good at spinning the Romney-Mormon-Prophet comparison with the Kennedy-Catholic-Pope.  There isn't a comparison, and Romney hopes the voters are uneducated in politics and believe who talks the best crap.

John F. Kennedy, born and raised in a Catholic home, attended church fairly often, most likely gave generous tithes to his Catholic Church.  There is no record of JFK having been ordained, or have been a deacon, or have been an elder, or have delivered sermons, or have blessed babies, or have counseled Catholics on matters of faith, listened to confessions, or have the power to excommunicate.

Simply put, JFK was a Catholic Pew-sitter, who paid very generous tithes.

Mormon Romney does not want us to hear that though.

Romney.  Let's talk about his father George. 

Press releases are quick to list his father's accomplishment of being a Stake President, and a Patriarch.

Mitty, we know he dodged the Vietnam War, which he supported, and went on an extended missionary assignment to France.  (All the while poor inner city youths were being shot at in Romney's place while he was busy knocking on doors of French women).

Mitty rose to the ranks of Bishop and Stake President.  Stake Presidents have the equivalent responsibilities of a Catholic Archbishop.  Romney had the power to excommunicate members - through a committee, but he had the power to excommunicate.

Mitty could take counsel on church members, know the individual families, who needed medical assistance, who needed physical help (such as elderly needing help raking leaves and shoveling snow).

Mitty as a Bishop and Stake President shaped his Mormon Church's programs.

All these things JFK did not do; JFK was a pew-sitter. 

Now pew-sitters aren't bad, in any church there are religious/spiritual leaders and followers (pew-sitters). 

Most people are pew sitters.

But you can't compare a pew-sitter to an Archbishop, except to say they attended church at the same time, and were facing in different directions (one on the altar, one in the pews).

Can we as Americans hold Romney's Mormonism against him?


Based on how much we as voters think his faith will dictate his decisions, and if we feel his church leaders might wield undue influence over him.

I wouldn't have a problem with Huntsman if he stayed in.  I don't like Mormons, but Huntsman didn't have the indoctrination level that Flipper was exposed to.

Romney is set to follow in his father's footsteps. 

Why does he want the Oval Office so bad?

White Horse Prophecy.

Tweek the Constitution just a bit.

Only a Mormon can ride in a save the Nation (from the Oval Office).

Mormons are a dangerous cult.  They look nice in suits and ties, but they see Mitt Romney fulfilling prophecy.

Listen to the anger in Romney's words:

"Let me assure you that no authorities of my church,or of any other church for that matter, will ever exert influence on presidential decisions.  Their authority is theirs, within the province of church affairs, and it ends where the affairs of the nation begin." (Greenfield)

Can you believe Romney?  This comes from the son of a Mormon Apostle, himself a former "archbishop" of a cult that:

  • Baptizes the Jewish victims of the Holocaust in Mormon Temple ceremonies, even after telling the Jewish people that the Mormons would stop, this practice continues.
  • Baptizes Hitler and Mengele in Mormon Temple ceremonies, now the Jewish Holocaust victims are in the same "club" with the two Nazis that murdered the six million Jews.
  • Organized a political campaign from within the Mormon cult to raise money and fight the same-sex marriage law in California.
  • Has not come clean on it's racist policies as to why no blacks or hispanics are qualified to be in the Quorum of the Twelve WHITE Apostles.
  • Has not rescinded a previous prophets directive that mexicans should marry mexicans, and whites should marry whites - mixed marriages are considered sinful.
As a former archbishop, are we to believe that Mitty Flipper Romney won't bring these Mormon prejudices and morals into office?

I believe Rick Perry:  "I can no more remove my faith than I can that I'm the son of a tenant farmer."

That was an honest answer.  A person's religious convictions make the man, or woman, makes their morals, makes the President.

Yes America, you can vote against Romney because he is a Mormon.

It is NOT unconstitutional, in fact, it is your responsibility to evaluate the man, and religion makes the man.

You don't need another reason, being Mormon is a good enough reason to vote Romney back to Boston.


Greenfield, Jeff,  "A Religious Test For President", June 27, 2011

Sullivan, Amy,, "The De Facto Military Test In Presidential Politics", Oct 21,2011

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Romney's Mormon Church Selling Guns to Felons & Pedophiles?

In this recent article it has been reported that one of the biggest sellers of guns over the internet, where background checks can be circumvented easily, is.....drum roll please.....Mitty Flipper Romney's Mormon Church.

Government agents applied and received 8 out of 12 purchases over the internet, where the agent indicated they would have problem with a background check.

Why would someone circumvent a background check?  Who can't get weapons?

Felons, most mentally-disturbed as determined by a judges order, wife beaters, kooks in general.

Why would a church sell guns to possible felons?  A Church?  We're not talking the Mafia here, we are talking a church.

One name:  David Koresh

Cults have many things in common.  Supreme Leader, end-of-times attitudes, stockpiling of food, ammunition, gasoline.

Get guns into the hands of all of it's members, and anyone else. After all, selling guns is a high profit venture.


Now the "excuse" that the Mormons will use is that the Mormon-owned company is only providing a listing service for weapons; the Mormons are'nt directly selling weapons.  Just like Craigslist wasn't into prostitution or sex trafficing; Craigslist was only providing a listing service.

Many newspapers across the country allow weapons to be listed for sale, many websites connected to news papers.  However, a thousand pistols, and one thousand rifles is far outside of the norm for just being a listing service.

Again, what would be the Mormon's motivation:  to get firearms into the hands of kooks.  Cults fear government intrusion and cults love accumulating weapons arsenals.

Romney is a very prominent Mormon, his father was a Stake President and a Patriarch. 

Does Romney know of this?  More than likely.

So Romney's Mormon cult will sell handguns to convicted child molesters, bank robbers, pedophiles, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, etc.

There is only one reason to sell weapons without a background check, well a few: 

Money - profits, profits, profits. 

Lack of morals - would you give a gun to convicted felon in your neighborhood?

Cults need to be fully armed, and cults usually have some shady characters for their dirty work.

Disgusting Romney, disgusting.

Monday, February 13, 2012

What Do You Think Of A Group That Honors Serial Killers WIth Baptism?

I have a problem with anyone that belongs to a religious group that honors serials killers with baptism into their faith, or offering membership to the serial killer spirit.

One word:  Sick.

If I showed up at a Sunday church barbeque and John Wayne Gacy, Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City fame, and even Adolf Hitler were in line for burgers; I don't know.  Would I puke first or go run to the first Christian church available and beg for forgiveness.

I have always imagined Hell containing Adolf Hitler.  If Adolf Hitler doesn't qualify to lose his soul for an eternity in Hell, or 25 years for each of the six million - served back to back to back at least.  But here The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Mitty Flipper Romney's Mormon Cult, has decided to give him a Get Out Of Hell Free Card and come to the barbeque.

Most of us in our neighborhoods seeing the likes of the scum at a church barbeque would correct our children and say that this is a best example of a Satanic Cult - worshipping and baptising mass murderers and serial killers into their Mormon ranks.

Oh, I see Jeffrey Dahmer just showed up.  He said he grapped a bite out of his refrigerator before coming over here to look for another "burger."

Sick, Sick, Sick.

Mormons are sick. 

Did the Nazis worship serial killers?  and is that was gave rise to the gas chambers?  We are entering the dangers of 1939 Germany.  "He's only a chancerlor, what harm could he possibly do?"

Sunday, February 12, 2012

What Constitutes A Nazi Mormon? Besides Baptizing Adopf Hitler?

Here is the full link, Five Kinds Of Mormons by Robert Kirby, below is just an excerpt:

. . . .

Nazi Mormons believe that BYU is not only Gods university, but that He is somehow also an alumnus. Nazi Mormons hang flags, wear badges, and sport license plates, all adorned with a block letter "Y"-known in LM circles as the "Mormon swastika".

NMs are prone to long winded and weepy testimony meeting claims about things that cannot be proven either in the world of science, logic, or even the scriptures. Roughly 45 percent of testimony meetings, Church-wide, are taken up by the NMs, claiming they were spared a particular trial by virtue of their garments, a rolled up copy of the Ensign, or the influence of a junior high school seminary teacher.

. . . .

. . . .

NMs pay tithing based on their gross income, including the things they receive from the bishop's storehouse. NMs are also big on blessings-not so much the actual blessing itself but rather the attendant sub-ordinance of telling everyone about it.

. . . .

NMs not only believe everything a general authority utters, they will frequently take these counsels and improve on them. For example, if no single dating until the age of sixteen is good, no single dating until eighteen is even better.

Imitative to a fault, NMs are prone to adopting what is known as "the general authority lilt" when offering prayers or testimonies. While apparently an imitative effort to sound spiritual, in reality it merely serves to make them sound like Fred Flintstone with his calling and election made sure.


The author is using NAZI in the sense that one follows a Supreme Leader blindly, the Supreme Leader can do no wrong. These are the dangerous members of the Cult of Mormonism.  

Ward Temple Night With The Mormon Prophet

Satan: You lost control of those "darkies" Mon, do I need to bring back Bingham?

Monson:  No God!  Those darkies we let them think that their priesthood is real.

Monson:  God, if you reconsider us not worshipping the cross, we could join with the KKK to save White America.

Satan:  How's the wife doing?

Monson:  That's not the wife, she's doing what the wife won't.

Satan:  Have to love those sinners "praying" on their knees.

Monson:  Yes, that's what it is:  praying.

Mormon Gate - Read About The Mormon Hate Against Gays

Mormon Gate

A very good website on the Mormon Church's involvement in spearheading a political attack to discriminate against same-sex married couples in California.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mormons: Mixed Marriages Equal Death - Racism Imbedded

A snippet from: Black Skin and the Seed of Cain, by Bill McKeever

In a speech entitled Race Problems as they Affect the Church, LDS Apostle Mark E. Petersen asked, and answered, the following hypothetical question:

"If I were to marry a Negro woman and have children by her, my children would all be cursed as to the priesthood. Do I want my children cursed as to the priesthood? If there is one drop of Negro blood in my children, as I have read to you, they receive the curse. There isn't any argument, therefore, as to inter-marriage with the Negro, is there?" (p.21.)

Brigham Young taught a much greater extreme. In a sermon given on March 8, 1863, Young stated,

"Shall I tell you the law of God in regard to the African race? If the white man who belongs to the chosen seed mixes his blood with the seed of Cain, the penalty, under the law of God, is death on the spot. This will always be so" (Journal of Discourses, 10:110).

No easier way to say it.  Mormonism is based on the belief that their Mormon God cursed the entire black race, and any mixing of the black race.

The full article is informative. Goes to show why I feel that naming their flagship university after a racist, Brigham Young, is a questionable motive.

How would we feel is someone had a Josepf Mengele - the Nazi Angel of Death - University, a David Koresh University, or Jim Jones University?

Include Adolf Hitler University - the Mormons baptized him into their cult. What's up with that?

If the Mormon cult celebrates racists by studying their biographies, naming prominent university after them, delayed giving the priesthood after surrendering to political pressures, - then Mormon Prophet like Johnny Carson raising the envelop to his head and says - "God speaks, parrots listen, due to reasons beyond our control we have to give blacks a little bit of priviledges, so we will give them the priesthood - the Mormon God has spoken..." Reminds me of a Scooby Doo cartoon.

The only reasons Mormons would push for membership in the KKK was Mormons don't believe in the cross, racism and prejudice and discrimination, yes.  Burning crosses - no.

Romney President off All-White Cougar Club at BYU

Susan Denton has a very information article at:  Romney And The White Horse Prophecy

While sitting out the Vietnam War on another deferment at BYU, while other less-rich Americans were wearing Olive Drab instead of Armani, Mormon Mitt Romney was the President of the All-White Cougar Club.  This All-White Cougar Club was almost exclusively all Returned Missionaries like Mitt himself - most like then draft ducker avoiding the war like Romney's elite class status allowed.

His years in the All-White Cougar Club allowed him to hone some of his political skills and to continue being indoctrinated in Mormon cultism.

The All-White Mormon Cougar Club believed that America was the Promised Land.  Sounds good?  Keep reading.

The All-White Mormon Cougar Club also believed that The Mormons were the Chosen People.

A former member of The All-White Mormon Cougar Club, who was a peer or Mormon Romney, says:

"The pious world of Brigham Young University is expected to spawn the man who would lead the Mormons into the White House and fulfil the prophecies of ...Joseph Smith,  Jr..."

Included in these Mormon Prophecies is what is known as The White Horse Prophecy.  Joseph Smith believed the United States would be in such peril that the Mormons are the only ones that can rescue the Constitution as well as America by achieving a Mormon Theocracy.

The White Horse Prophecy is controversial in that no written copy of the text from Joe exists, but The White Horse Prophecy is quoted by many Mormon Cult leaders.

Or as Brigham Bigot Young says:

"...when the Constitution of the United States, hangs, as if it were, by a single thread, they (American people, gentiles, non-Mormons) will have to call for the 'Mormon Elders' to save it from utter destruction, and they will step forth and do it."  A Discourse by President Brigham Young, delivered in the Tabernacle, Great Salt Lake City, Feb 18, 1855, Vol 2, p 182.

All Mormons believe in the Pre-existence, and many believe that in the Mormon Pre-existance Mitt Romney was chosen, "crowned", pre-ordained to become the first Mormon President of the United States.  As such, with Joe's prophecies, and the pre-existance coronation of Mitt as President, you can see why the Mormon Cult is tailoring it's image the a barrage of TV and radio ads announcing that "you Mormon neighbors."

Subtle indoctrination of the American people.  Repeated claims that there is no religious test for office - you are correct, the Constitution will not allow us to the say the President MUST be christian, or MUST NOT be Muslim.  The Constitution does not say that the American people to vote against you because you haven't come out and discussed how your Mormon faith will affect your decisions.

You can't separate Mormon theology from politics. You have taken too many oaths and vows that says you follow the Mormon Prophet blindly, without question, which you have demonstrated that you do.

You  never questioned why you are better than blacks?

Why can blacks fight and die in the mud of Vietnam why Whites, especially rich Whites are partying in college, maybe running from a girlfriend with a pregnancy announcement.  But that isn't bullets Mitt.

Why were you President of an All-White Cougar Club at the 1% black Bigot Young University.

Do not vote for a Mormon Puppet/Parrot to enter the Oval Office.

Friday, February 10, 2012

The Mormon Prophet's White Horse Prophecy - Mitty's Hero Joseph Smith

Same-sex Amendment to the United States Constitution would fulfil prophecy of Brigham Young, making Mitty Flipper Romney a hero to the Mormons for self-fulfillng a Mormon Cult prophecy:

"The present Constitution of the United States, with a few exceptions (banning same-sex marriage) of a trifling nature, is just as good as we want."  Brigham Young.

I can not do justice in summarizing this 3 minute video detailing Joseph Smith's White Horse Prophecy in how a Mormon leader will rise up to rescue the declining United States, turning the U.S. into a Mormon theocracy.

What the three minute video which shows how the White Horse Prophecy is not biblical, but rather demonic, that will take advantage of a spiritually bankrupt America to swoop in and turn us into a Mormon Zion.

Further discussion on the White Horse Prophecy.  Important points are quotes from Joseph Smith "The destiny of the nation will HANG UPON A SINGLE THREAD.  At this critical juncture this people (the Mormons) will step forth and save it from the threaatened destruction."

Brigham Young, also a Mormon prophet worshipped by Mitt Romney and the Mormons more than Joseph Smith - after all Brigham Young University honors this pro-slavery bigot with his name being embossed on it's university.  (What would one think of Jim Jones University and the graduates that would attend Jim Jones University?)

"When the Constitution of the United States HANGS UPON A SINGLE THREAD.  They (the American people) will have to call the MOR
MON Elders to save it."  Brigham Bigot Young.

"If the Constitution were saved at all it must be done by this people (the MORMONs)."  Brigham Bigot Young.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Mormon Bishop Who Doesn't Blindly Follow The Pied Piper

Mitt Romney when asked is homosexuality is a sin, becomes stupid all of sudden.  As a Presidential Candidate he no longer remembers his Seminary training, Missionary training, Bishopric training, and Stake Presidency training.

Mitty Flipper Romney knows full well that if he were to say that homosexuality is a sin, like the Mormon God professes, via the Mormon Prophet, he would lose the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender vote, so he defers to the church.

We are supposed to believe that Romney doesn't know homosexuality is a sin in his cult.  I guess the Prophet uses one of those magical mind erasers that we saw in Men In Black.

Watch Mitt Flipper be hammered by Piers Morgan on if Homosexuality is a Sin:  Advance the video to 3:30 to watch him stumble.  He had no opinion - I'm just a Parrot and I didn't get my cracker today.

The embedded YouTube video is controversial.  This is another example that seeing it unedited lets you decide.

On November 6, 2011, Mormon Bishop Kevin Kloosterman, Bishop of the Sycamore Ward, of the Rockville Illinois Stake of the Mormon Church, attended the "Circling The Wagons" conference in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

The controversy is whether Bishop Kloosterman acknowledges that the Mormon Church has unjustly treated the LGBT community.

It's easier for you to listen to the 10 minute broadcast.

One thing I noticed about the talk was no reference to The Book of  Mormon, and when he closed the talk, he closed by acknowledging that Jesus is the Christ, and that the straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transexual and queers are all children of our Father in heaven.  Absence any Book of Mormon is true, Joe was a prophet, ya da ya da ya da.

Listen for:

1.   The disclaimer - he can't speak for the Mormon cult, but he can speak his own mind (which Romney as a Stake President doesn't speak his own mind, he follows blindly the Prophet).  But he is speaking that the Church is  wrong in treating the LGBT community.

2.  He had a change of heart after hearing about three LGBT members were attacked in Utah, and he couldn't be like a Levite/Priest, and just walk by someone in need - the Good Samaritan scenario; he stopped to help.

3.  "...straight members of the church have a lot to repent for..."  "repent is a change of heart."  That the church needs to repent, make restitution, and move on to healing.

4.  He acknowledges that this will take time.  What I call "baby-steps."

Both sides have used this speech to support their position, although I don't see how it can be made to say the Mormon church is right in excluding gays; unless you do some magic editing.

BUT, this is the type of Mormon that the Mormon cult needs to cultivate for political office. This Bishop stated publicly, in a forum clearly opposed to the church's LGBT treatment, that while he can't speak for the church, he can speak for himself, and the church needs to repent.

HINT:  You only repent if you have done someone or something wrong.

Watch what happens when a blind lamb all of sudden can see.  (Amazing Grace in action).  This Mormon member does not follow the Mormon line, and once his speech goes against the Mormon Prophet, dare one question the Divine Leader, the microphone gets shut down, and the Bishopric steps up to cut him off.

This is ROMNEY.  If his actions in the Oval Office go contrary to the Mormon Prophet, the BatPhone will ring, and he will be told to follow, or be excommunicated. Remember the pregnant girl?

Mormons Baptize The Holocaust Victims In Mormon Ceremonies

Mormons Baptise The Dead Of The Jewish Holocaust

Mitty Flipper Romney's father was a Stake President - a high mucky-muck in the Mormon Cult.

Mitty Flipper Romney himself was a Stake President also.

The events outlined in this linked article show that MORMONs are committed to converting everyone into the cult.

Without permission of their living family members, the Mormon Cult of Romney began a campaign to baptize as many of the six million victims of the Holocaust as it could find biographical information on - pretty easy with several Holocaust museums to datamine.

The Mormon Cult was caught, made a pinky promise not to do it again, but apparently had their fingers crossed, and started the practice again.

The Mormon Cult believes that the only way to get to heaven is via baptism, either in person like most churches with the practice, or by the Mormon Cult's practice of proxy baptism where someone stands in the place of the dead to get the water immersion baptism.

This isn't just a crime against the Jewish dead.  Mormon cultists are obsessed with cataloging all the dead of the world, not just the ancestors of the Mormons.  Catholics, and I suspect that already the Mormons have proxy baptized all the dead Popes into Mormonism, Martin Luther (the Lutheran Founder) and other historical non-Mormons as well.

With the current backlash against the Tele-bigmouth Eddie Long and wrapping a Torah around himself, and annointing himself king, seems like the Jewish people are fair game in America - like I said, smells like 1939 Germany around here.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mormon Doctrine and Beliefs Summarized in Short YouTube Videos

Short video cartoon of how Mormonism evolved.

More Mormon Doctrine explained via cartoon animation.

Mitt Romney From His Own Mouth

Romney wants to expand GITMO, wants to be able to bug churches, mosques and synagouges.  Are we willing to lose our Civil Liberties and allow America's FBI to become the New World Gestapo?

Good old Abe Lincoln, who is a hero in history only because he was assassinated.  If he would have lived the Union hated his embrace the South, bring them back into the Union, reconstruction - many Northerners wanted severe repercussions, executions or imprisonments of the Confederate officer and political leaders.  But he died, so he is a hero.

But what Lincoln did was suspend Habeous Corpous as necessary, suspend Civil Rights during time of war.  The Supreme Court later ruled that action Unconstitutional. Romney feels like Lincoln, for the cause of the war, capture, imprison without trial, secret wiretaps of all suspected enemies of the state, the Mormon Church and the Republican Party.  Once started, a train is hard to stop.

Is this 1939 Germany?  Are we reliving history instead of learning from history?

"It ain't me, it ain't me,I'm a millionaires son"  Draft ducker Millionaire's son, Mitty Romney rode out the Vietnam War knocking on doors 'Have you heard about The Book of Mormon."  The danger of doors slamming in your face is just as bad I guess as mortar attacks, artillery, booby traps, machine gun fire, poisonous snakes and insects, and friendly fire.  We are so proud of our Mitty boy, what a great American you are, let some poor inner city youth fight and die in your Rich boy's place.

Flipper's Mentor Homophobe Packer Gives "The Little Factory" Speech

To understand the following humor, Boyd Homophobe Packer (above) was infamous for this "Little Factory" to the young Mormon boys.  (Makes his sound like a Catholic priest).  The talk centered on not masturbating, that when "the little factory" gets full, it knows how to discharge itself during the night.  So now that you know that the "little factory" is Boyd's name apparently for his pecker - little fellow - have a moment of light fun:

This opening humor brought to you by:

The day I almost died in sacrament meeting

02/26/2003 - by theAntiSprite

It was the week AFTER I got that pamphlet. My best friend (also a deacon) and I were sitting in church minding our own business playing testimony bingo like ALL good little deacons should.....when it happened: One of the nicest, kindest, most loved gentlemen in the ward got up to bear his testimony.

He started talking about the XXXX factory that he worked at in town. My friend (Satan, as my mom later referred to him) leaned over and whispered " I wonder if he works at 'the factory' that we read about in the pamphlet last week."

Of course we giggled like silly til snot ran out of our noses and mom gave us that, "I'll knock you into the middle of outer darkness" looks.

But, then he mentioned a few remarks that made things even worse. Like, "the factory has grown to an unbelievable size", and "his wife thinks he spends too much time at the factory"... but, we were ushered out when he mentioned the "explosion at the factory that took a week to clean up."


The full text of The Little Factory talk is widely available online, just google Boyd Packer Little Factory and it should pop right up, it is a little too long to post without risking a copyright violation notice.
To Young Men OnlybyBoyd K. PackerGeneral Conference Priesthood Session, October 2, 1976

How To Feel Unwanted In The Mormon Church - Caste System

The following is first-hand observation of my five years in the Mormon Church.

The second level of the Caste Pyramid is INVESTIGATORS:

An investigator is someone who is considering joining the church.  Usually this is when the missionaries on bicycles come to the house and give lessons on the Mormon Church, leading you up to Baptism.

Missionaries would make great salesmen.  They know the secret of sales is ABC . Always Be Closing.  (I told you before I was in a nightmare of a multi-level marketing headache).  But the missionaries are ALWAYS asking if you are ready to commit to a baptism date.

You can go from Investigator to New Convert (Baptized) in as little as six weeks, or take years.  You can attend Sunday meetings without committing to baptism.

The Third Level of the Caste Pyramid is New Converts:

For the first ninety days after being a New Convert you actually feel the "love" of being in a church.

You are usually given an easy assignment to get you committed to coming each Sunday - Greeters at the door are a good option.

Also within that 90 days the Church wants a New Convert to go to the Temple Visitor Center, and to conduct Baptisms for the Dead.  (I won't go into the details or purpose).

Likewise, you are scheduled to give a talk before the ward/congregation.

There are other minor points, but you get the idea.  Reminded me of my Inprocessing Checklists from my Army days when reporting to a new duty assignment.

You are made to feel welcomed.

Now the whole time you attend church as a New Convert you begin to get the sense of how things really are:

  • You hear talks of my "pioneer ancestors," or "I'm a third generation" Mormon.
  • You hear talk of the ones that graduated seminary in high school, not just the kids, but you hear it from the older members.  Seminary which New Converts don't attend, it is generally done in the high school years.
  • You hear talks of being Temple-worthy, announcements of going to the Temple for Ward Temple night before Temple-worthy members.
  • Returned Missionaries.  (Discussed below).
Some of things isolations you can work to achieve, like Temple worthy.  But for all the talk of ancestors that were in the Hand Cart companies, pioneers, at Nauvoo - these things make a person feel like they can never be a "member" of the club.  You feel regulated to being the "help."  But at least New Converts aren't asked to use the back door.

The fourth level of the Caste Pyramid is:  Temple Worthy.

Any Mormon in good standing, who has been a member of the Mormon Church for two years (and a minimum age), Males holding the higher priesthood, and is a tithe payer can work to become a
Temple Worthy Mormon.

I was a Temple Recommend Holder, but I feel that I was only given the recommend in order to clear up an embarrassment; my girlfriend (also a Mormon) and I were living together in an apartment.  It felt like it was an "OK, give it to him: because at the last moment, it was discovered that someone forgot that you need the higher priesthood, so the marriage almost had to be postponed.

Temple worthy members can attend Ward Temple Night.  We held one once a month, and my wife and I made it about every third month.  You can attend special events such as Temple dedications broadcasted into the local wards.

The fifth level of the Caste Pyramid system is:  Returned Missionaries.

There is extreme presssure placed on the the young men to become missionaries and serve a successful two year mission.  From a very young age the boys are told about their father's mission, and hear stories in church of missionaries as they leave and return.

Most Mormon girls will not marry another Mormon boy unless he is a Returned Missionary.

There is nothing necessarily wrong with that, but from an outsider's (New Convert) view, it makes it an exclusive club, one in which membership can't be obtained.

The very top of the pyramid is a combination.  We have the Elite White Boys Only Club members.  These are white, male, Temple worthy mormons, who have complete a missionary assignment.  From this level you  will find MOST Bishops and Stake Presidents.

At the very top are those EWBOC members who have Pioneer Ancestors.  You can really just think of these as snobs.  They talk about being Pioneer Ancestor related like people say that they are related to the Mayflower.  (The Mayflower Madame comes to mind, you are only as good as yourself - not your ancestor).

I forgot the base of the Pyramid?  NO, just saving this for last.

Dishonored Missionaries are those boys or girls who for whatever embarrassing reason, have been "fired" from being a missionary.  Depending upon the embarrassment, it may or not be excommunication, but it is shameful.  I doubt if a Dishonored Missionary would show his/her face at church, but if they did - you see why they are at the bottom.

"Raped" Women - not from observation, from reading the information put out by General Authorities.  Paraphrasing Prophet Spencer Kimball - a woman must resist a rapist to the point of death, for it is better to die a virgin than to not a pure woman on your wedding night.  The scarlett letter of shame??  Come on Mitty.

Outside the Pyramid of course are the excommunicated.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Better To Die Than To Be Raped And Lose Your Virginity?

Where are women's rights in the United States going to go back to if a Mormon President takes the Oval Office?

A Mormon policy that Mitty boy grew up with, his Daddy enforced as a Stake President, and then Mitty boy himself as Bishop and Stake President supported, following the Mormon Party Line is:

"It is better to die in defending one's virtue than to lose it without a struggle."  Mormon Prophet Spencer Kimball (1895 - 1985).

Women's rights - this is saying that if you are a woman, and you are raped, and if you lose your virginity - the Mormon Prophet said it would have been better for you to die."

I can't believe that a church is advocating a woman fight to the death in an attempted rape, to save her virginity at all cost; or when she came back to the church she would be treated like she was wearing a Scarlet Letter A.

Get real.  This is a CULT.  As a cult, believe what you want.  But as a Presidential candidate for the United States, we don't want a cult leader.

We might as well elect Warren Jeffs, I hear that he is available, but he isn't taking calls right now.  (Yes, I know, a break-away sect, but the use your miracle Book of Mormon to talk to God.)

Mormons Kill Innocent Civilians at Mountain Meadows

Historical review of how a group of Mormons tricked wagon trail travelers under the flag of truce, then disquised as Indians, hoping to fool the United States to believe that the Indians were to blame.  Mormon theology, pass the blame to somebody else, just at all cost, protect the prophet.

We don't want a modern day My Lai on our hands.  The Mormon Prophet controls the Mormons like puppets, and if the Prophet told Mitty Flipper Romney that a village in a country needs to be 'cleansed', as a good little Mormon he would send in the Marines.  It is scary to think that the President of the United States can be controlled by the Mormon Prophet.

Wounded Knee - a National embarrassment.  The full story of the Mountain Meadows Massacre will never be revealed, nor will the role of Brigham Bigot Young be disclosed - either before or after, he WAS at least an accomplice.

There were two trials in an attempt to prosecute and execute a scapegoat to appease the United States government.  The first jury was a mix of Mormon and Non-Mormon - you guessed it a hung jury.  So a full Mormon jury was selected and a guilty verdict as announced, and only one man would have to be punished to satisfy the United States government.

Common sense would hold that Brigham Bigot Young orchestrated a full Mormon jury to squash any more investigation into his own role in the massacre.  I know, Brigham Bigot Young went up to the temple, received word from his God - Lee must die, Lee is the fall guy, make him the sacrificial lamb.  Thank you Lord, I understand and will comply.

That we know that as a high ranking Mormon, Mitty Flipper Romney belongs to the Elite White Boys Club.  He has sustained that the Prophet is THE PROPHET.  He has sustained that he will understand and will comply with THE PROPHET because the prophet received guidance directly from GOD.

Can we afford to have a Mormon Prophet influencing a President of the United States?

Evergreen - The Mormon Pray The Gay Away Machine Failure Explained

A very frank discussion of this Mormon man's first hand experience with Evergreen, the Mormon anti-Gay Machine that believes in Praying The Gay Away.  He discusses the high suicide rate among Evergreen "patients."

Officially, Mitty Flipper Romney's Salt Lake Mormon Prophet will state that the church is not connected to Evergreen, but they are as connected to Evergreen as hamburgers are to McDonalds.  Including having high ranking Elite White Boys Only Club Mormons on the Evergreen board of trustees.

Mormon Discusses the "Pray The Gay Away" Church Teaching on Youtube

A gay Mormon explains the Pray the Gay Away Mormon teaching and how it affected his life.  If you are gay, go on a mission, come back and marry a good Mormon girl, and everything will work out.

A very candid discussion on the Pray The Gay Away movement,which isn't just a Mormon theology.

Youtube - Mitt Romney On Gay Marriage "He's A Flippin'"

Pier Morgan Puts The Screws To Flipper On Abortion and Gay Issues

Marriage is strictly between a Man and Woman, in the White House that is what Romney will only support.  Questioned by a gay Veteran of Vietnam - you remember that war Mitty?  You ran to France to knock on doors for the Mormon Church.  This man was shot at in place of you.  But the Mormon Church Prophet speaks through Mitty's rhetoric:  No same-sex marriages.  The world world would just fall to pieces.

This is from The Young Turks analyzing Piers Morgan winning the what is really your position on gay rights.  Sounds actually that he is in favor of one gay right -employment - so that he can claim he favors and supports gay rights.  But he stumbles, asked if homosexsually is a sin, and he refuses to answer.  This is the man that as Stake President could excommunicate homosexuals, and all of a sudden, he forgot. Well he says he doesn't speak for the church.  Sounds like a soundbite response in his earpiece from Salt Lake.  "Here's the answer stupid this isn't God, you have an earpiece in.  (in the background, Boyd Packer - couldn't you find a better parrot this Mitt?  It was a favor for his father George, we promised to take care of his son for him."

YoutubeVideos - The Mitt You Are Not Permitted To Know

Discussion on problems Mormons and Mitty Flipper Romney face with not fixing the Racism against blacks in the Mormon Church.

More information on the racism problem in the Mormon Church and how no one wanted to fix it, even though they were "anxious" (knew it was broke/wrong), but God was on vacation from diversity and the Prophet was out to lunch until 1978.  This is Mormon leadership.  A Mo
rmon President will not make a decision until Salt Lake speaks.

Explains how Mormons say that God created the inequity, and White were superior to Blacks.  That is just the way God made it.  The Mormon Prophet has spoken.

9th Circuit overturns Prop 8 as discriminating against Gay rights.

This news could not have come at a better time.  Mitty's probably crying right now while he writes another check to fund the campaign to take this to the Supreme Court.

Mormons can't have same-sex marriages in the United States.  What would happen?

Like heterosexual couples don't kill their spouses, fight, domestic violence, divorces, adultery, swinger parties, wife swapping - - sure, gay couples would just harm our neighborhoods.

One word:  Homophobe.

9th Circuit Court Overturns Prop 8 - Mormons crying in Salt Lake

Yes, we know, this can either still go to the full Circuit, or to the U.S. Supreme Court.  The Mormons should of had their players in this game pick a state to fight same-sex marriage that was in a more conservation Circuit Court district.

Should Brigham Young University Drop It's Racist Namesake?

Joseph Fielding Smith, the 10th President of the Mormon Church (1970 - 1972)

"There is a reason why one man is born black and with other disadvantages, while another is born white with great advantages. The reason is that we once had an estate before we came here, and were obedient, more or less, to the laws that were given us there. Those who were faithful in all things there received greater blessings here, and those who were not faithful received less." (Doctrines of Salvation, p. 61)

"I would not want you to believe that we bear any animosity toward the Negro. "Darkies" are wonderful people, and they have their place in our church." Look magazine, October 22, 1963, page 79.

*****     *****     *****     *****

These quotes from Joseph Fielding Smith who was President of the Mormon Church while Mitty Flipper Romney was 23 years old.  Mitty would have completed his mission, and being an ambitious young man, taking guidance from his former governor, former Stake President Daddy, Mitty would have relished the "company line" by not only toeing the line, but polishing the line.

So it is not UNEXPECTED to want to know WHEN Mitty Flipper Romney changed his mind on this "darkies" who "are wonderful people."

When did Mitty Flipper Romney embrace blacks, asians, and hispanics are people that can be equal to, or better than Flipper?

(Just for s...ts and giggles - Flipper, Bain Capital, release pictures of the board members, and the top leadership.  What is the ratio of blacks to white?  hispanic to white?  Diversity or Mormon White?

But the real topic of this blog today is should Mitty Flipper Romney make a statement against the White Mormon Church and demand that Brigham Young University change it's name.  Brigham Young was a staunch advocate for slavery, and that if Utah entered the Union it would keep it slaves.

And you thought Salt Lake  City was built by the sweat and blood of whites?  Seems like the historical photographers went to great lengths to have only whites in the pictures.

Case For Changing The Name of Brigham Young University.

The are plenty of quotes on the internet from one of the grandest, founding members of the Mormon Church, Brigham Young.  Some may call him the original bigot.

How would people in the United States feel if a university was named after Brian A Scates, the first national leader of the KKK in 1867.  Now after the accomplishments of Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights movement, and national backlash against the Klan, the KKK is virtually gone, but not forgotten.

But we have a university still, Brian Scates University, and what if this university was predominately one religion?  What are we led to believe?  Hero worship?  The South will rise again?

Brigham Young University.

Why has the Mormon Church not changed the name of the university.

Since BYU is owned and operated by the Mormon Church, the name can be changed easily by the Mormon Church.

Bigotry was preached and practiced against blacks until public pressure caused the Mormon Church to cave into public pressure to give blacks the priesthood in 1978.

But what progress has been made by blacks within the church since 1978.

Again, just go to the website and look up General Authorities, or you might try googling "stuffy old white men in suits mormon".

How would we feel about a school named after Scates?

More importantly how would we feel about a school that refuses to change it name from Scates?

When you worship a bigot, name a university after a bigot, and have leader, after leader, after leader since Brigham Bigot Young continue to preach anti-black messages, what are we to feel about BYU?

Now are all BYU graduates and students bigots?

Maybe, maybe not.

But if you were an employer, and someone showed you a copy of their degree from Scates University with a burning cross logo, and graduation pictures  of white robes and hoods marching across the stage - what would a reasonable person conclude about the applicant?  and would you risk hiring a potential bigot?

Why does Mitty Flipper Romney's Mormon Church, a church he is so proud of, a church that he was Bishop and then Stake President, a church that still does not have diversity in the upper leadership of the Elite White Boys Only Club, why won't it rename the Bigot Young University to a more acceptable name?  (NO changing just to the inititals BYU is not acceptable, KFC still means FRIED after all).

Martin Luther King didn't preach hate.  He followed Gandi's principals of non-violence and achieved great things for the United States, not just for black, and not just against whites.

Martin Luther King showed us how silly it was to have black only and white only bathrooms, front of the bus, back of the bus.

What would Martin Luther King say today about blacks belonging to the Mormon Church?  Is "darkie" still kept in his place?

What would Martin Luther King think about blacks attending Bigot Young University?  Attending a university named after a man who thought that blacks had their place in society.

Would Martin Luther King recommend that Bigot Young University change it's name?  Bigot Young University has a good academic record, but same with Scates University - Scates produces 4.0 GPA graduates with a burning cross philosophy.

I challenge Mitty Flipper Romney, as a high mucky-muck in the Mormon Church, that if a Mormon wants to run for President in 2016, Bigot Young University needs to have it name changed.  It would be a strong statement, coupled with at least two Apostles being Black, and one Hispanic, at least, to show true diversity, and to dismantle the Elite White Boy Only Club of which Mitty is a member.

The trouble with kooks is that they don't always wear signs saying that they are kooks.

Westboro Baptist Church - we know that they are kooks.  The Constitution of the United States allows for kooks, especially for religious kooks.

Would we vote for Phelps for President?

There isn't much difference between Westboro Baptist Church and the Mormon Church; except for size.  Westboro strongly preaches against GAYS, Mormons mildly - but you can be mild when you have a large membership. 

But the message is exactly the same - anti gay, anti lesbian.

Just because Mitty belongs to a bigger church, wears more expensive suits, bleaches his teach, and has a staff of policy and speech writers, doesn't make voting for him any more different than voting for Phelps for President.  It would be a danger to the United States.

What kind of cabinet would Wesboro's Phelps have on his cabinet?

Think.  We don't have to vote for a Mormon, just because the background campaign is saying if you vote AGAINST Romney it is HATRED against Mormons.

Not at all.  Kooky Westboro Baptist Church can protest all over the United States, I don't like their message, but it's America.  But I'm not going to vote for him because his campaign would label me anti-Westboro?

I wouldn't vote for Phelps, and I definitely wouldn't vote for a man who let "darkie" go fight and die in his stead in the Vietnam war because he road out the war in deferment, after deferment, after deferment. 

Which is strange since he was a Pro-Vietnam War protester.  Or do we call it coward?

Clinton didn't go to war, but Clinton didn't support the war effort either. 

It would have been better for Flipper to take Bush Jr's example, he served in Uniform, but avoided the war with political influences to get assigned to non-deployed units.  Plausible deniability - "I was in uniform, I would have fought if I was sent (but Daddy kept me safe)."

How many true Patriotic Men were called up for the draft, that Mitty avoided, and had to die because they had the misfortune of not coming from a properous family, with both political and religious influences.  How many inner city youths died, how many black inner city youths died because they couldn't spin a deferment to go to Vietnam?

At least Mitty, you could come out and make a statement at the Wall to thank those behind you, whose names are engraved on the Wall, for being a more true American than you were, Americans that when their country called, they didn't duck the draft, most didn't even agree with the war you and your daddy supported (if not help start/escalate).  At least give thanks to those "darkies' who died so you can be a rich man today, a man of no humility, a man  of no backbone, a man who buy and destroys jobs to make a buck for himself.

Your Daddy may be proud of you, but scum is scum, and when you step in dog...t it usually still stinks.  So America, beware of the dangers of voting for an anti-gay, anti-lesbian, anti-black, anti-poor, a man who if he can make $1,000,0000 by destroying your employer; he has, he will again.

Again, remember the dangers of 1939, Germany listened to a charismatic leader and invaded Poland.

Remember David Koresh?  A charismatic religious leader from Waco who led his sheep to the slaughter; literally.

Remember Jim Jones?  A charismatic religious leader who led his sheep to the slaughter of the Kool Aid.

Mitty Flipper Romney - Charismatic?  Yes.  Dangerous?  Very.